Call for participation 2019

The 5th Atheati Poli festival is planned for 13-15 September 2019, co-organised with support from the Region of Crete. 
This time we focus on the coastal front, as the boundary between Heraklion city and the sea and at the same time as a "route" with a particular dynamic and in shaping the character of the city, over time.

Across the sea front, stand a number of historical monuments such as the seafront wall fortification, the Castello Del Moro (Cule), the fortification of Saint Andrew, the East and West Neoria (Venetian Shipyards), the salt warehouse, the old tanneries, the flour mills, etc., but also several unused open spaces that can become connecting points for the monuments and the uses they have or could have. Uses we believe should be defined and delineated emphasizing on cultural uses and on criteria that will not conflict with the historical character of the sites.

Download a map of suggested points of interest from this link.

Our aim is to bring forward a new perspective on a very beautiful but also underrated area: to highlight the role that the area has had over time in shaping the city’s economic and social but also daily life, the strong influence on its spatial formation and the strong potential to form a new relationship between urban and natural environment, and between the citizen and the public space.

To get involved, send us your proposals by 5th July 2019 at highlighting:

1) The kind of action (e.g. involving music, dance, theater, architecture, exhibitions, installations, etc)  
2) Information on the content
3) Possible points of interest for the activity
4) Technical or other requirements .

The next open meeting for everyone wishing to participate or be involved in the festival in any way, is planned for Wednesday 12 June May, at 20:00, at the TEE-TAK offices, at Prevelaki & Grevenon street in Heraklion. 


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